Package org.hibernate.spatial

Interface Summary
SpatialAggregate Enumeration of types of Spatial Aggregation
SpatialAnalysis The spatial analysis functions defined in the OGC SFS specification.
SpatialDialect Describes the features of a spatially enabled dialect.
SpatialRelation These spatial relations are all defined in "OpenGIS Simple Feature Specification for SQL, Rev.

Class Summary
Circle This class provides operations for handling the usage of Circles and arcs in Geometries.
GeometrySqlTypeDescriptor A generic SqlTypeDescriptor, intended to be remapped by the spatial dialect.
GeometryType A BasicType for JTS Geometrys.
HibernateSpatialConfiguration A global configuration object that is is used by some Dialects during construction.
Log_$logger Warning this class consists of generated code.
LogFactory A static factory for Logs.

Enum Summary
SpatialFunction Spatial functions that users generally expect in a database.