Package org.hibernate.spatial.jts.mgeom

Interface Summary
MGeometry Defines geometries that carry measures in their CoordinateSequence.

Class Summary
DoubleComparator This utility class is used to testsuite-suite doubles for equality
MCoordinate This coordinate class supports 4D coordinates, where the first 3 measures (x,y,z) are coordinates in a 3 dimensional space (cartesian for example), and the fourth is a measure value used for linear referencing.
MCoordinateSequence Implements the CoordinateSequence interface.
MCoordinateSequenceFactory Creates MCoordinateSequenceFactory internally represented as an array of MCoordinates.
MGeometryFactory Extension of the GeometryFactory for constructing Geometries with Measure support.
MLineString An implementation of the LineString class with the addition that the containing CoordinateSequence can carry measure.

Exception Summary