Class DefaultConnectionFinder

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ConnectionFinder, FinderStrategy<java.sql.Connection,java.sql.Connection>

public class DefaultConnectionFinder
extends java.lang.Object
implements ConnectionFinder

Default ConnectionFinder implementation.

This implementation attempts to retrieve the OracleConnection by recursive reflection: it searches for methods that return Connection objects, executes these methods and checks the result. If the result is of type OracleConnection the object is returned, otherwise it recurses on it.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.sql.Connection find(java.sql.Connection con)
          Find a feature or property of a subject
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultConnectionFinder()
Method Detail


public java.sql.Connection find(java.sql.Connection con)
                         throws FinderException
Description copied from interface: FinderStrategy
Find a feature or property of a subject

Specified by:
find in interface FinderStrategy<java.sql.Connection,java.sql.Connection>
con - the object that is being searched
the object sought
FinderException - thrown when the feature can be found;